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Patient accounting in Hospitals, November 2014

Training sessions about patient accounting hospitals,given to employees from different hospitals.

Participation in the Jobs & Orientation Fair 2014

November 2014 Orientation for students & job seekers & presentation of TRACE for health care management services & conducting a business network in collaboration with the “IECD”

International Training Agency (ITA) – Libya

November 2013 - January 2014
Training Sessions in different topics were given to physicians, nursing, technicians and administrative employees of different departments & Store Department of Central Blood Bank and different hospitals in Lybia.

Day Care Project Assessment

May 2014 Assessment of all Day Care centers in Saida according to Accreditation Standards (HAS).

Hepatitis B&C Screening Test

April 2014 Hepatitis

B&C Screening Test for medical and paramedical staff of centers, universities and municipalities.

Atwi Company Training

March 2014

Different training sessions were given to all employees of Atwi Company: Job Description - Performance Appraisal - Art of Communication - How To Resolve Customer Complaints - Team Building & Team Work - Store Management - Manual Handling & Ergonomics - Fire Safety - Time Management - Stress Management.

Patient Safety conference for Hospitals of south Lebanon region in municipality of Saida

December 2013

Patient Safety conference for General Managers, Directors of Nursing, Quality Managers & Patient Safety Coordinators of hospitals in south Lebanon region at the municipality of Saida

CARITAS Training Program for Saida Governmental University Hospital

August 2013 – September 2013

All employees from Saida Governmental University Hospital attended different training sessions about the following topics: TACLS - Nursing Documentation - Professional Communication Skills - Reduction & Management of Nosocomial Infection - Risk Prevention & Management - Stress Management - Conflict Management - Triage in Disaster

Centre Libanais pous les Droits de l'Homme

July 2013 – August 2013

Different training sessions about the following topics were given to children from different countries at the Lebanese Center for Human Rights: Staying Healthy - Hygiene - How The Body Works - Environmental Problems & Protection

Spinneys Training

June 2013

The following training sessions were given to the Head of Departments of Spinneys: Communication Skills - Fire Safety - How To Be An Effective Manager - Manual Handling - Productivity Management - How To Resolve Customer Complaints.

Collaboration with Zahraa for Medical Services – Libya:

June 2013

Collaboration in medical tourism for international patients

Physicians Managerial Skills Training

May 2013

Training sessions about Physicians Managerial Skills to SGUH "Saida Governmental University Hospital" ER/ICU physicians

Burns Management Training

April 2013

Training sessions about Burns Management to Physicians Surgery Department

Anesthesia Machine Training

April 2013

Training Sessions about Anesthesia Machine to Heads of anesthesia departments

March 2013 Training Program

March 2013

Team Building - Reduction and Management of Nosocomial Infection - HR Functions - Data Management - How to Meet Patient Safety Goals - Nursing Administration Management - How to Resolve Customer Complaints - How To Be An Effective Manager

Training in Quality Management

February 2013 – March 2013

Building a Total Quality Culture & How To Be an Effective Quality Manager - How to use the Quality Tools in PDCA & Six Sigma, Quality Control - Quality Improvement Plan & Key Performance Indicators - Internal Audit, Self Assessment Team, Audit Tools & Accreditation - How to establish policies & Procedures and Document Control - Risk Management Plan (RCA & FEMEA)

IT Training

February 2013

Microsoft Word & Excel 2010 Workshop - Information System Overview - Data Protection Security - Optimising Computer Performance - Scanning, Antivirus & OS Updates

November 2012 Training Program

November 2012

Strategic planning - Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Leadership Skills - Motivation at Workplace - Effective Communication Skills - Total Quality Management - Hospital Infection Control - Culture of Patient Safety - Customer Service & Problem Solving

Food Safety Seminar, Sidon, Lebanon

TRACE for Health Care Management In collaboration with MJ Services Group, organized a seminar - at the Municipality of Sidon on the 12th of March 2018. - That discussed food safety in restaurants and kitchens.
The seminar was attended by several general managers, quality managers in restaurants, a group of chefs and kitchen staff as well as nutritionists and a number of guests interested in food safety.

Ms. Malak Al Horr from TRACE, gave a brief overview of TRACE's activities and projects, and its plan to launch the food safety project in restaurants, kitchens, and the training courses related to this project.
The dietitians, Mrs. Farah Taalbi and Ms. Rowan Assi, From TRACE gave a detailed lecture on the scientific definition of food safety and food poisoning, and the benefits and procedures of implementing the HACCP.
Ms. Rana Al Raei, representative of MJ Services Group, spoke about the services provided by the company in various fields of pest control, operation, maintenance, cleaning and landscaping, and mainly in the field of food safety.
Ms. Al Raei presented their plan of cooperation with TRACE in launching and implementing the food safety project in related institutions.

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