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EcoMed Diagnostic and Medical Center - Freetown - Sierraleone

November 2017

Outsource Management and Consultancy Services for EcoMed Diagnostic and Medical Center.

Multi Business Company - TRACE Oman Training Center - Muscat - Oman

October 2017

Establishment of TRACE Oman Training Center in collaboration with Multi Business Company to provide training programs in health care sector.

Nakib Hospital - Saida - Lebanon

January 2015

Restructuring, Equipping, Recruitment & Outsource management of Nakib Hospital.

Alaeddine Hospital – Sarafand – Lebanon

August 2017

Consultancy Services and Training in quality and patient safety systems of nursing department.

Ahead Medical Center - Khaldeh - Lebanon

Out-source Management and Consultancy Services for Ahead Medical Center.

Saida Governmental University Hospital – Saida – Lebanon

August 2015

Audit Service for the project establishment of a Pediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Department at Saida Governmental University Hospital.

May 2013

Training courses for doctors of Saida Governmental hospital on management skills of doctors in the ER & ICU departments and anesthesia training courses for heads of anesthesia departments.

Al Imam Zein Al Abedin A.S Hospital – Karbala - Iraq

January 2015

Consultancy Services for Al Imam Zein Al Abedin A.S Hospital.

Health Medical Center (Osayran Hospital) – Saynie – Lebanon

January 2012

Assessment according to HAS Accreditation Standards.

June 2013

Consultancy for all hospital departments & Training employees in different topics.

Kharroubi General Hospital – Sarafand – Lebanon

June 2014

Consultancy and Out-Source Management.

Optica General Center – Saida – Lebanon

October 2013

Consultancy and out-source Management.

Family Clinic - Saida - Lebanon

June 2014

Assessment according to ISO 9001 Standards.

Birr & Ihsan Primary Health Care - Ghaziyeh - Lebanon

April 2014

Implementation of Accreditation Canada Standards of primary health care centers.

Othman Hospital – Mazbud – Lebanon

January 2012

Assessment of all departments of Othman Hospital according to Accreditation Standards (HAS).

October 2013

Feasibility Study for Hospital Investment.

Dr. Monzer El Haj Hospital – Jiyeh – Lebanon

September 2013

Consultancy for the human resources department at Jiyeh Hospital.

Dental Specialists Group - Saida - Lebanon

ISO 9001:2015 Implementation.

Al Mousawi Private Hospital - Basra - Iraq

April 2019

Assessment according to Canadian Accreditation Standards.

Saadi Private Hospital – Basra – Iraq

December 2018

Consultancy and Management Services for all departments.

Jezzine Governmental Hospital – Jezzine – Lebanon

July 2011

Assessment of all departments of Jezzine Governmental Hospital according to (HAS) Accreditation Standards.

Assessment of Child Daycares (Nurseries)

Assessment of all child daycare in Saida according to Canadian Accreditation Standards.

Face & Figure Aesthetic Medical Center– Mazbud – Lebanon

April 2018

Hospitality Services & Digital Marketing, Recruitment, Staff Training, Implementation of Information System.

Libnor – Lebanon

April 2016

Particular Requirements for Quality and Competency for the Lebanese Medical Laboratories according to ISO 15189:2012, in collaboration with Libnor & the Ministry of Industry.

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